Conference Xi'an China (2011/12)

7th Forum for Chinese and Japanese President(2011/10/14)

UNESCO Project China(2011/09)

Presentation Palace Museum China(2011/09)

Conference London (2011/05)

Science Museum Project (2011/02)

Sen-oku Hakuko kan Project(2011/01)

Exhibition COEX Korea(2010/12)

invited talk the event of Egyptian Embassy(2010/11)

Exhibition at Wufu, China(2010/11/12-14)

Tokyo National Museum Project (2010/6)

Conference Xi'an_China(2010/06)

NHK Project (2010/05)

Ninnaji Goten Project(2010/04)

Ryukyu Byobu Project at URASOE ART MUSEUM, Okinawa(2008/7/17)

Mitsubishi Conder Project (2008/6-2008/7)

President of Italian CNR visits Ide Laboratory at JST Plaza Kyoto(2008/5/17)

event at Louvre (2008/3/4)



京都大学工学研究科 機械理工学専攻 先端イメージング工学 井手研究室